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Japan CyberPalace News

August 14, 2000 Big updates today! The Japanese Language section has been updated quite a bit. Please read my notes on the Kansai dialect. The Gaming Realm has had a nice Diablo II update. Please check out the stats on my character.  Also, random minor updates and changes have been made, so please have a look around.

August 5, 2000 Vintage Toons has gotten a picture update. Basic updates done. Please don't forget to sign the guestbook!

July 20, 2000 Japanese Language has been updated. Gaming Realm, Vintage Toons, and 80's have all received minor text updates.

July 18, 2000 A guest book, feedback form, and poll have been added to the main page.

July 17, 2000 - The photo album of my Japan trips, along with comments, have been completed. You may view them here. In addition, pages with scans from various J-pop CDs and some of my comments have been added to Totally Jpop. The Works page is also has material from my recent study abroad trip.


A towering palace of splendor, seemingly adrift in the vastness of cyberspace. Somehow you draw nearer to this light in the void, but not of your own volition. You have arrived. Welcome to the Japan CyberPalace.

 Last Awakening: September 13, 2000 09:01:59 PM

Welcome to the new Japan CyberPalace web site! I am glad you made it through the void to my site. I hope that you all will find it interesting and worthy of another visit. I will attempt to cram this page full of pictures and interesting things about my favorite place, Japan, and any other cool things that interest me. You can navigate by using the top bar to get to the main pages on the site, and the left bar to get to the sub pages of whatever page you are on. Enjoy!


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