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This page here is for all of you studious people out there who are done scratching the surface of Japan and are ready for the real meat and potatoes. I am just a mere student in the art myself, but I will do my best to provide resources that are beneficial to the learner of Japanese, as well as attempt to raise questions that may further the discipline or are just plain interesting.

Ok, I am a currently a sophomore at the Ohio State University. I am also a fourth year Japanese student. I must say, the program at OSU is really great. If you come here, be assured that you will learn Japanese. Now, let's get the record straight, I am no expert, and I don't claim to be. I just want to offer little tidbits of information that may help students of Japanese along in their studies. The things contained in this page are just things that have been beneficial to my studies throughout the years. If you have any better suggestions, please e-mail me. Let's all work together for the advancement of the Japanese language study!

I just want to add this one thing. Do not make Japanese study a contest. Whatever you do, do not do this. Run from people who do. It will mess you up. It is natural for people to compare themselves and their abilities to you, but there is no need to express it. Don't let people give you crap about your Japanese. Just keep on working hard. But do keep your ears open, because other students often have good advice and information that can benefit you very much. In other words, don't be arrogant either. Remember, your purpose is to open up a can on the Japanese language, not someone else.


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