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NOT J-POP!!!!!!!

Japanese music. I know most of you out there think Japan's music consists of drums and the twangs of unknown string instruments, but that simply isn't so. I bet it is also thought that only America has new music, etc. I understand though, cause I was there. That is why I am going to introduce you to Japanese music. Don't worry if you can't understand it, think about the millions around the world who listen to American music and don't have a clue what is being sung. I am into the music for the sounds, the looks, and the feel I get from it. I am really fond of music, and I must say that Japanese music is one of my favorite types.

So far, I have added pages on the various artists whose CD's I own. I have added scans of the CDs and my comments on the artist, etc. Please check back here for more additions to the ever growing world of J-pop.

The man Gackt in his element


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