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First of all, you might wonder why I named this page about Japan Planet Japan.  Well, back in my earlier years, I read this description of Japan on someone's web site. After I finally went to Japan, I finally understood this statement. If you are coming from America at least, Japan is like a totally different planet. Things may look the same, but after you have been there for a while there is a distinct way of life that will change you forever.

Now I hope that no one takes this as a criticism of Japan, because that couldn't be further from the truth. Japan is one of my favorite places on this planet, and I hope that it can be the starting point for a glorious career in translation and interpretation for me. But the differences in life and the things that that makes you think about when you go to Japan really makes it like visiting a neighboring celestial body. And I love every minute of it.

I am dedicating this page to all things pertaining to the study of Japan. I need to get out to the world what I have seen and what they are missing. Of course, as in real life, I am sure that many people will disregard my comments and continue on with their daily lives as before, never getting out of their own little world. Yes, I know, Japan is for everyone, especially in the way I have involved it in my life, but isn't there a bigger message here... I suppose that if everyone went to Japan, it wouldn't be my favorite place anymore. But the people who do come or be interested in Japan will surely do the world and themselves a good turn.

Enough of philosophizing, (there will be a page for that) I must get on to the topic of this page.  I personally have been to Japan two times. I am also currently a Japanese major at the Ohio State University. I try to tell of my experiences in Japan, link to the experiences of others, put in a photo album of my journeys, and anything else that can be related to Japan. I have separate pages for J-pop, etc., so please visit those pages for the respective disciplines.



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