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Kanji is truly awesome, in how they look and in number. When you hit Kanji, if you are not in a class, get an actually Japanese Kanji dictionary and an English one. Then start from the first year Kanji and rock! Be sure to keep a personal record of all of the Kanji you have learned for reference and so you can put neat little hints, etc. that came to you when you learned that particular Kanji. In addition, on this sheet, write the Kanji as many times as necessary until you feel you have got it down. You can make a standard amount of reps, but be flexible. Also, never stop using Kanji. You will forget. Once you start studying, you can never stop or it is over. You will end up wasting time trying to remember stuff you have learned.

That brings me to another point, especially if you are in a class. Learn the Kanji the first time. If you learn it poorly once, it will be a weak point until you sit down and relearn it. Don't let this happen to you, it is quite annoying. If you learn these things well the first time, even if you forget, recollection will be swift. 


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